December 31, 2000


I was avoiding Google Ads, as their content can be unreliable.

So instead, if I come up with something artistic (and hopefully original) I'll make some merchandise with CafePress.

Any money earned will go directly towards internet projects, no pilfering for booze, LSD or a helper rhesus monkey... unless to be used for said internet projects (it is the internet...) More realistic expenses are internet connection costs, webhosting, film and art supplies

Here are the stores:

  • Knife-in-the-Eye Store - an image designed originally to retort a not-so-cutting argument... no caption - couldn't decide between "Its all fun and games..." ; "But it was itching" ; "Better than a knife in the eye" or some other miscellaneous madness
  • I Will Destroy You With The Power of My Brain !!! - caption, with sometimes a picture. For smart people who don't like those annoying peons that scour around us illuminati. No I will not take my medication...
  • Coming Soon: Dead Sexy (hot zombies and vampiresses are harder to draw than I first thought)

I'm lacking a scanner, or indeed decent internet in Japan. So new stuff'll have to wait until I get an iMac.