December 31, 2000


What does ZayZayEM mean?

Due to the abundance of Michael Zimmer s in the world, I ahd to be imaginative in the creation of a hotmail address. My initials are M. A. Z. so this is a reversal of that. Z . ay (a) . em (m). The zay was repeated for good measure, and possibly from watching the first few episodes of Da Ali G Show the preceeding weeks. The capitalization didn't actually matter, as it turned out, but I've stuck with it when I can.

Are you still in Japan?

No. Trust me on this too.

Where are you then?

Back home. In Yeppoon.

Going back any time soon? What are your plans now?

Not directly. I want to get my science skills back up. And some all important experience in a real live commercial or research laboratory. If I can do that in Japan I might consider it.

Who was stupid enough to agree to give you a job, teaching children, English, in a foreign country? And what is the whole deal with ESL anyway?

The Amity division of AEON Corporation. I'm gonna leave it there with them now. PS - I was 19 when they agreed to hire me, I kick ass. They also might still have me giving a spiel for the Hitachi School Site (scroll down, you might need Japanese language packs).

ESL is easy for anybody with a college degree - if you want to work in Japan (other countries seem to want TESOL). Do a quick internet search for it. In Japan, NOVA is the easiest but by no means the most ideal. I think that JET/ALT positions are genuinely better for cultural experience anyway.

What was the most surprising thing about Japan?
I expected it to completely different. It's not. This is probably the biggest surprise for me.
Most of its pretty much the same. I have more money I suppose. And as I like petite brunnetes, there's a lot more hot women AFAIC.

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