November 06, 2006

Eating Jaws: Food Fit For A Viking

Vikings are madcore hardasses. Seriously I think Vikings should be kicking both pirates and ninjas out the interwebspacethingy. Though, I guess Vikings are a kind of pirate already.

Anyway, Vikings apparently deemed rotted ("fermented") whale blubber from pits as a prized culinary reward for superior battlefield performance. To maintain this long standing tradition modern Icelanders apparently have been known to eat rotten shark fermented in its own urine.

Like cod sperm, Rotten shark drenched in fermented fish urine is where I draw the line in adventurous international cuisine. (Ant's ass, raw cow's liver and locusts, cool, but...).

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At Wed. Nov. 08, 02:08:00 am AEST, Anonymous Josh said...

Yeah, pretty gross, huh?


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