April 02, 2007

Nova Teacher stalked and murdered: Killer still at large

The story of Lindsay Ann Hawker sucks (Japan Today story).

Hawker worked at NOVA, and was allegedly tricked by a student (28-year old Tatsuya Ichihashi) into going back to his house, then her naked body was found buried in a bathtub on said student's apartment verandah. That's seriously crap. People don't deserve that.

There is anectodotal evidence that Ichihashi may have been stalking the woman prior to the event (I'm not sure if this was before or after he enrolled as a student).

There are reasons why NOVA's anti-fraternization policy sometimes makes sense on the grounds of safety (for both students and teachers). But then having such a policy pushes these activities underground, meaning that possible links if such an incident occurs may not be made.

Ichihashi is still on the run, but apparently doesn't have any shoes. Let's hope he runs over some broken glass.


At Sun. Apr. 08, 01:37:00 am AEST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

NOVA denies that he was ever enrolled in any NOVA branch.


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