November 26, 2007

Man on Fire Feels Your Pain

Hooray free image hosting.

People may have noticed my "new site" hasn't been updating, and I haven't fulfilled any promises I made towards the internet.

Let's just say Honours has made me really miss working at Hitachi Amity. I wish I was the guy above. At least he gets to dance.

Anywaaay... once I finally finish this gene project, I'm gonna spend a while getting my shit in order, and then hopefully start up again with teh internet projects.

The goal is to stick with "It's Alive" as my main blog - it will deal with the usual shit that was here - science news, rants and the occasional video.

I'm gonna remove any Japan content from this blog, and rewrite it formally in another blog. And it will totally be retconned to sound not quite so whiny, as well as possibly a bit more and a bit less honest depending on the event.

I'm gonna make some more cool T-shirt designs. (...)

And I'm gonna make sure Dekiru actually takes off as a project, hopefully by roping in some friends. The idea is just to have some Japanese language prose written by non-native speakers. Mostly either about an interesting news event (Seal bites surfer's face!) or personal life (kangaroo sushi). It should also be aimed at improving vocabulary and language skills of other non-native speakers.

Nobody is reading this anyway. But I like typing. It's noisy. Ha. Ha.


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