March 19, 2006

Remote Control [Patriotic] Cyborg Insects

via Pharyngula.

Hot on the heels of those sharks who are willing to sacrifice anything for God and Country, the Dod has brought plans for cybernetically enhanced insect army for espionage, counter terrorism and trapsniffing.

Now, I'm not a crackpot. But I wary of science induced dystopian scenarios from the Terminator and the Matrix to Outbreak and GATACCA. You don't combine two staple horror nightmares like creepy crawlies and cybernetics. Its just asking for nasty trouble.

Thankfully its all fantasy.

Though RC insects would make a killing in the toy department. Especially in Japan. And OMFG they'd be robotic too - you could buy upgrades. I bet Nintendo is already 10 years ahead of the DoD on this project (only a millenia left to go).



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