February 26, 2006

kick to the balls

Embarassing moment of the week, and another lessoned learnt.

I decided to bring a new activity for class today. It was "throw-a-paper-an-airplane-and-speak-English-game" (hey, it's company approved!). Anyway targets were needed, my room is small (actually its massive compared to most) so I really couldn't see much point making furniture targets as suggested in the activity write up, and I don't have anything but a calender and a poster on my wall, neither I really want damaged. And as it was a change of activity, no whiteboard. So that left two options, me oir the students. I couldn't see students going down well - and I wear glasses so safety is less of an issue with me. I can take punishment, I'm protected so I thought what the heck lets use me.

Okay, glasses protect your eyes, and when you are think protection from hurled miscellaneous missiles they come to mind as the "Hey I don't want these squishy organs damaged" (hence, your 'fun and games' adage, and this site's logo) -- but as a member of that 49% of the population that is male, there's another squishy organ package that needs protection when you make yourself a target.

That's write, I suffered the awkward instance of being taken down by a paper-aeroplane to the nads - much the hilarious amusement of three san-nensei. At least one of the nine-year olds amidst laughter and cheers of "chin" (penis) asked me "Are you okay?" to which I had to reply "Maybe not".

Girls I don't think quite understand the pain caused by this (hence the standard self-defence move taught to any female) -- especially a direct hit (if you don't think you know what I mean by direct hit, consider yourself very lucky - you'll know when it happens). I swear I can still sort of feel it now, 24 hours later. Luckily no discolouration, I can not imagine anything more embarrassing than having to explain not only to my doctor, but to a friend/co-worker/manager why I need the doctor's appointment that I'm worried that my testicle was irreparably damaged by a paper airplane. So I'll just write the incident onto the internet instead (who reads this shit anyway?) and laugh it off as one-of-those-things that happens.

Japanese boys - they can go for your cock from 3 feet.


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