January 08, 2006

Gotcha!? Ebola resevoir found?

Wow. Its science news time.

In the depths of a return of depressing January some good news can be found. Not only did I meet lots of hot young university students last night, but scientists now think they are onto a resevoir for Ebola - with the discovery of an native African animal containing Ebola antibodies without exhibiting signs of the disease.

The animal in question. Fruitbats, and three species at that. Is this an Epidemiological Jackpot? Or just another checkpoint on the road to success?
The story at NY Times and The Scientist

This 1999 piece from Stanford U has a good examination of the factors for and against bats being Ebola reservoirs.

And here you can read someone more intelligent, informed and (so my hormone addled body says) much more smoking hot than me talk on the subject.



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