December 19, 2005



So someone just refused the vacant position at my school.

I'm now paranoid that I somehow things I've said on this site may be repelling people away from a potentially rewarding fulfilling and exciting job. People have come to my site under the search "Amity English School Hitachi Japan" - so let me clear up that it isn't a total nightmare.

Amity is conceivably the best eikaiwa employment deals in Japan - in terms of pay and benefits and job security - it may not be the best for holidays. And depending on your skill, patience and general affection for teens, children and babies it may be a cruise to do, or not.
Now that I have talked to a lot more people at other schools, I find our school is actually pretty great. And though I may have mentioned my manager is a bitch - its to the Japanese stuff - not the Foreign Teacher - I mean NET (freak, my job position is NET - Native English Teacher#).

The local community is awesome. And I'm sure if I got off my lazy ass and wasn't so frozen solid by Winter-shock (I'm from teh tropics -- an American told me Hitachi is the warmest place he has lived) there are a lot of good community activities and sports I could join.

So if you come by this site after being offered the position I did, and it you change your mind. Let me remind you -- that you cannot believe everything on the internet. You can't even trust reality porn to be real. And if your upset about the idea of working with me -- you won't be - because I'm out of Amity Hitachi in May.

Other things people have been drawn to my site searching for:

  • How to Uninstall Newsmonster - This is quite common each month; which I think speaks for the absolute lack of quality in this product that people are still just wanting the frigging thing off their computer almost 12months after I was.
  • Castrated Since 2002 - maybe there's a niche dating site out there I'm stealing hits from
  • Kickin game - w00t new 3x fast activity
  • Most disturbingly Down's syndrome sex porno bizzare from someone in Italy - Good God Man! There are lines that shouldn't be crossed even in intellectual voyeurism. The only redemption I get is that they wasted his time looking at this site before continuing on their spiralling path to internet damnation. I get a lot of porn hits - mostly for ass, japanese ass, and recently cheerleaders and nurses (I wasn't aware I'd mentioned cheerleaders...) and sometimes nuns - but then you get get weird ass crap like this and as the japanese say 「

#I personally think NEST - Native English Speaking Teacher would be more appropriate. Most are natively American or Canadian not English.


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