December 13, 2005

Weekend Epiphany

Ok so the truth is that there's no bright lights, angels or even a decent choir in the background. Just a little screaming voice in the back of your head (and perhaps a monkey with a kazoo).

As it is when too much happens too fast followed by the drudgery of nothing to do and the lack of not speaking English conversation much of the last 48 hours - I think too much. I can't help it - I think too much.

New Year resolution are a crock of shit - you don't need a set time for resolutions. You just need willpower. Which maybe I may or may not have - but I do have a whole kit and kaboodle of crazy so the occasional personality transplant with another part of self is not beyond the realm of reasoning.

I need to find the perfect balance of jerk and humour. I also need to read a bit more - I feel I'm getting stupider from just lack of stimulation. I also need to learn more than stupid pick up lines in Japanese so I can carry a topical discussion.

In other news I have a new awesome Kids Mix Song CD for school - with kick ass Wiggles songs.
The problem is I have forgetten the order they are in...


At Tue. Dec. 13, 03:02:00 pm AEST, Blogger Hil said...

is it possible to find that magical balance between jerk and humour?

when you find it, tell me how you found it plz. *grins*

Guess what?? you're the only person that will appreciate this, so i had to tell you...

i met rhys muldoon.

it was awesome.

At Mon. Dec. 19, 07:34:00 pm AEST, Blogger ZayZayEM said...

Holy Beatnicks in Balaclavas


Rhys Muldoon is a GOD!

Oh, I'm sorry, your wonderful and a goddess
tell what it was like...

At Sat. Dec. 24, 02:47:00 pm AEST, Blogger Hil said...

it was great. I saw him in melbourne.

I was so shocked when I saw him, so I went up and talked to him for a min.

apparently not many people recognise him.

stupid people.

my friends didn't know who he was.

stuipd people. lol.


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