November 08, 2005

H is for Halloween

Oh yeah.

I so wish we had Halloween more in Australia. It was awesome.

I now have an extra question added to my list of things to ask girls at bars along with "What is your name", "Are you a high school student?" -- "Do you have a boyfriend?" -- Non-violence in Japanese rocks. Back in Australia I may not survive Halloween parties without being knifed.

Other lessons learnt include that my arms are far to hairy to consider using tape in costumes. Also strapping hands makes it uncomfortable to hold beer mugs. But whiskers do attract the ladies and Ninjas are oh-so Kakoi. (I almost won best costume - I should've gone to the iPod Nano prize bar).

And in lessons on fucking up - don't forget your mobile phone secret code needed for recieving infra-red data. I have now made sure I know all about IR transmission with my phone now.

Memories of the rest of the night are about as coherent as this post. Halloween needs to happen so much more often.


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