October 10, 2005

Madass for Madcow

I looove Yakiniku!

Its bad that I really really don't like traditional Japanese food (primarily being fish and other sea creatures in a less than appealing for - raw).
The Japanese foods I like best are Ramen noodles (Chinese), Yakiniku (Korean) and Gyouza (Chinese).

So while I refuse to eat most things suddenly proffered upon me such as whole fish with eyes, sea urchin or fermented cod roe --- I still have to try some crazy shit --- like natto. Or the latest one - raw cows liver.

Now, as our discussion went - the liver is technically your body's sewage treatment facility - so isn't even that appealing a feast cooked, let alone raw (unless your Hannibal Lector) - but apparently its meant to taste better fresh and raw and bleeding (thankfully I haven't seen Silence of the Lambs). So I gave it a shot. Yes I ate the smallest piece I could find, didn't chew and followed it with a big swig of beer. But it wasn't so bad, I might be tempted to try it again.

Yeah. I'm tough as nails.


At Mon. Oct. 10, 07:54:00 pm AEST, Blogger Friendybaby said...

Hello!Michael!I think ramen is Japanese food,isnt it?And Gyouza is dumpings in Japanese,right?In Mandarin,it's "Shwei Jaudz"(Meat dumplings)How are you?I am doing ok and I am an office lady now!I work for FedEX now.I feel a bit scared because it's a big company!Anyway,I miss you and you will get my letter soon!Hugs and kisses!:-)

At Mon. Oct. 10, 10:17:00 pm AEST, Blogger ZayZayEM said...

Wow! So great to hear Friendy! Good job, good luck.


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