September 20, 2005

It`s official - I murdered babies in a previous life

Maybe I've just flipped out - but I'm starting to suspect its true from the bullshit karma thats been busting itself my way.

So the week before last when Helen returned back to England to visit her sick boyfriend, she says see you next week - sends me a txt saying see you next week --- and says she'll pick up some cool things fromn England to co-workers. All the while knowing she has just packed every-fucking-item from her room and is going to take it with her. You don't do that if you are coming back. Even if you were a moron with a brain tumor you should be able to realise that.

Yes - thats right - she didn't come back. Not only that - she waited until the Tuesday morning (just before her work day started) to e-mail (not telephone call) head office (not me, not Hitachi Amity or Manager) and say she wasn't in the country (which by this stage I had suspected because I hadn't had any phonecalls and she didn't come back on the train) and wouldn't be coming back for work. I know its harsh about it. But seriously - Its been two weeks since she left and she still hasn't tried to explain things to me (I even emailed her asking for an explanation).

So now emergency teacher Mandy (from Sydney) is FT no. 2 (I'm no. 1 of course) for next few months until a replacement can be suckered into here.

Despite that shit flung at me with a cannon - the week was pretty good. Parent observation - so kids were shy as could be and somethimes cried and forgot everything - but generally okay week. Went to Tokyo and Yokohama. More on those stories later.


At Tue. Sep. 20, 11:29:00 pm AEST, Anonymous john cowart said...

Hang in there.


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