September 05, 2005

And it gets better

Helen has now returned to England for the week.

The Anti-Amity FT Bad Luck has now just zeroed down on poor little me --- I have no freaking gas at all. This means I can't cook - not normally a problem - but last night I was thinking of frying up some home-brand Yakisoba - but no gas to cook with. And worse no hot water. This means no washing or shower!!!! And unlike at home where I could boil some water for a bath - I can't do that here unless I attempt it with the microwave. (Which I may just well do if I don't have my gas back by tonight).

So this morning I attempt to ring my manager - and instead get an irate Japanese man who so did not understand my mangled over-the-phone Japanese. I then try all the staff I have numbers for (only 3 out of 7) and noone answers --- luckily by now I have the right number for my manager but she isn't picking up the phone!



At Wed. Sep. 07, 02:09:00 am AEST, Blogger John Cowart said...

Sounds frustrating!
Good luck getting hold of the manager.


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