July 28, 2005

Bugs and Slugs

I had the most awesome Summer Lesson worked out for little kids -- until I wrked out how hard it is to draw a realistic dragonfly.

In oter news it appears that butterflies are the only non-biting/stinging wild insects that Japanese women (not very little girls) are afraid of. I saw on TV a woman handling a praying mantis, a rhinocerus beetle and some other bugs, and then freaking out because of a tiny butterfly.

I asked some Japanese women which is more scary, a butterfly or a dragonfly. They said a butterfly. Why? Because its poisonous. Now this is true... but only if you eat it. Also the powdery scales contribute to why its scary. Dirty powder is not good. Dragnflies are not scary because they aren't poisonous, and allegedly don't bite --- (which I can tell you they do, I felt so proud at catching one when a little kid, until the blighter bit me). And dragonflies buzz, buzzing is not good in n insect.

Bees, wasps, and cockroaches of course topped the list f scary bugs, but butterfly i up there too, maybe even in front of cockroach.


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