June 26, 2005

Feeling like shit should have its benefits

As you can possibly tell by the title I'm ever so slightly down in the dumps.

I have an excellent mobile - but can't post here by e-mail for some reason. and I can't call home (though hopefully that should be rectified by the end of this internet session). I failed at dodgedick on Friday. And I got food poisoning last night - which made me miss a dance party (held at the same place which I think was the source of said food poisoning), the most exciting thing that would've happened all week.

But I guess, I DO have a mobile (KETAI-KETAI-KEITAI!!!). Narrowly missed accidentally buying a $150 dollar model (but global coverage 3G) by accident and instead opted for a slightly cheaper $80 domestic keitai (model 603T - vodafone) with TV, radio, camera, internet, dictionary and karaoke functions among other things. Also the most pathetic games ever -- roll a dice, rock scissors paper, odds or evens and slot machine (the only real game).
And I got paid this week. Unbelievably in cash, because of the trouble we had getting a bank account. You feel slightly odd carrying an entire months salary in cash, even in *safe* Japan.

But being unbvelievable sick with what I'm guessing was staphylococcus food poisoning (delayed response - and throwing up empty/water filled stomach for ages) for about 10 hours last night, including the last hour at work. Unlike Currently trying to rehydrate (thankfully food and drink are allowed in internet cafes - even served there - in Japan).

--cheers, hopefully i can get keitai posting working soon.


At Sun. Jun. 26, 04:48:00 pm AEST, Anonymous john cowart said...

Sorry you've been sick. Missed your postings recently.


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