May 15, 2005

Its a whole `nother country can`t get there by bus

Yes I`m stealing lines from Rove

After I did my last post, and decided I should get back to my gate to be there 20 minutes before my scheduled time of (9:25)rather than the 10:05 now on the board) -Ifounditdeserted,abso-fecking-lutelydeserted.Not even the nice asian mother and child that were there before I found the free net-macs. Freak-out. So I ask the attendant. Who tries to look up the flight, asks to look at my ticket and tells me to go to the gate on my ticket (61) which I already new was wrong. So then I panic, rush around and find a display that tells me to go to gate 25, and thankfully the flight is still at 10:05. Arrive there. Wait, and do not leave my spot, despite the increasing pangs of thirst and need to pee. 10:05 approaches, and a lot of asian people (and maybe 5 gaijins in all) arrive, so i`m confident I have the right gate. Then announcements come telling us to go to gate 7, and that the flight is overbooked fopr the new plane being used now because the other one has faulty cruise control or something. So we go to gate 7, and wait for a `possible` 11:00 departure. I usethis repreive to relieve my bladder, and buy some French water, which was salty. I mean salty. Obviously a French ploy to make you continually buy water.

The flight does eventually leave at 10:25,so its only an hour delay. But coupled with ending up last in line for the train to Immigration and the Immigration line itself, I am now running very much obver the scheduled 4:30 AEON meet. Thankfully they are there, but I]m looking sort of haggard fromstress,and unshaven/ But Jen and Danille were really nice. And despite lugging my 30kg suitcase being a bitch, everything else has been going smoothly.

Today I`m taking it easy this morning, still tired, still very crap at Japanese (I have awards people, awards -- I have no listening capability at all though -- my dinner experience and asking for directions 5 minutes ago shows this). And sorry to Ken that I`m not coming to Osaka to Universal Studios Japan. I was really looking forward to it, but I really need to take it slow these first few days. Its just a BIG change at the moment. The ticketing system for the trains was confusing enough with Jen in command.

So I`m in Japan. And I`ve shaved. And I`m with some nice people (even if my room mate snores). Let the adventures begin. And I hate Hong Kong. That survey lady is so lucky she didn`t get to me after the flight delay. I can`t believe I gave her country a 3/5.



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