May 10, 2005


I was trying to find my Japanese-Japanese teacher's e-mail address (ie. a teacher of Japanese language from the country of Japan, as oppose to all the ones from Australia, and one from America) so went through my ancient drawer of memories. Which is rather overcrowded.

I found heaps of interesting stuff. Including hordes of smiles (affirmation notes) from various camps and musical productions, which I think I might put in a suitcase. And some Japanese omiyage I've received (paper fans, hello kitty, a bobbing baseball player, some origami paper, a kite - incedentally, kite in Japanese is "Tako" - I wonder what a Tako-Takosu-Tako looks like). Some QCS essays - one of which was really freaky about a dream where some motivational speaker was getting shot with a shotgun (me, twisted child, never...). A pro-life essay I wrote in grade 11 --- I think it was for the money, because I'm pro-choice. Some photos and negatives from tours and camps. A bullroarer (which I was also looking for). Some notes and e-mail addys from YSA Biofutures 2001. And what I think is the Japanese-Japanese teacher's email address. Hopefully it still works, but I have to wait for a reply.

If I had more time I might scan some of the insane artwork, and copy out the unfortunate (and messy) demise of Bob the motivational speaker, but right now I'm writing this from the library again - which still isn't letting me access the actual blog (IT IS NOT PORN!).

Still busy packing, getting Interantional Driver's liscence, buying socks, saying goodbye, and not wearing underwear (its all packed).



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