May 07, 2005

Injecting some science back into the picture, with explosive force!

24hours later and my arms are really starting feel sore after a double innoculation yesterday (why thank you for the parting gift Dr Sykes).
But an itchy arm is worth not having my brain fried by meningicoccus.

Whats new on the science front?


An "epidemic" of exploding frogs (1300 last count) in downtown Hamburg pond had local residents, PETA members, nature enthusiasts and even homeland security (could this be a terrorist plot!?) on their toes a few weeks ago.

I personally suspected "those damn teens" because frogs do have a rather odd reaction to several hydroscopic household products, which could possibly leave remains resembling an explosion.

However its not vandals, not toxins, no germs, not self defence gone mad -- its a bunch of clever crows looking for stylish french cuisine. Birds are flipping toads over, cutting tehm open and eating their insides, leaving an ex-frog that looks like it ex-ploded, guts oozing out from tears in it its underbelly. This is actually quite common behaviour, the deadly toxic cane toad is killed by its few (successful) predators in this manner --- I think this sort of behavior should be encouraged in our feathered friends (sorry Kermit).

PS - On Participitation in Inane Conflicts (can u get it?)


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