May 02, 2005

The All Cure For Monday-itis

You need webcomic good-ness:

Today's archive five are some new webcomics I've come across:
  • The Devil's Panties by Jennie ("It's not Satanic Porn!!") Breeden -- what could be sexier than a leather boot wearing semi-goth semi-geek all-woman webmistresssssss.... *sexy growl*
  • Geeba's on Parade also by Jennie -- a LARP (live-action roleplay) semi-fantasy semi-reality comic... maybe I should revise the "semi" in front of geek in the previous point? I'm also still entirely puzzled as to wtf a "Geeba" is, is it a goblin, gnome or an orc?
  • Ghastly (from Ghastly's Ghastly Webcomic -most certaily NSFW!) has put up his 24 hour challenge comic, starring his new character Polly. He claims it to be PG, but its jokes about rape, "robo-gasms", and the single usage of the f-word, I somehow don't think even Canadian censors would let this fly by so easily.
  • Pokemon-X by Recon Dye - okay, you're think Pokemon, wtf Z?? wtf?? But I've gotta confess the game is very addictive (I once played it 13 hours straight -and so word-help-me if someone can show me a free download site for GBA emulator and versions I'll lick their boots*), and this spoof sprite-comic is awesome. Whether its lame jokes about balls, seeing boobs, or thermodynamics, Recon Dye shows wit and intelligence, if not art skills, that are traits that can be hard to find in the overloaded realm of webcomics.
oh that's only four...


I know I've shown you this before... but... HOLY SHIT!NINJAS!!!

*more on that story later...



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