April 29, 2005

日本 Checklist

Somebody asked in me what it was the number one (一番 ichiban) activity I wanted to do in Japan. I was kind of stumped, I just want to have fun. So I said "everything". When pressed I said karaoke, onsen and haikingu. But seriously, singing, bathing and haiking are things I can do here. but over there, well it will be over there, but when you repeat it, it does sound lame.

---Update. Cos I'm now back home I can't do anything more until I go back again. you could help by sending me money. But honestly, you should have better things to do---

So I had a think today and came up with a bit of a list.
I'll mark these as
[DONE] when I do them:
  • Do karaoke, with a Japanese song in Japanese [DONE - I can do a mean effort on Haruka Kanata by Asian Kung Fu Generation - add Ride on a Shooting Star by The Pillows - next one to down is Go!! (Fighting Dreamers) by FLOW]
  • Go to an onsen [DONE], in winter while its snowy outside
  • Go to Tokyo [DONE]
  • visit a hostess lounge (not for the hookers, I swear) [Not quite done: a lowly populated SNACK bar doesn't really count]
  • see geisha, or people who professionally impersonate geisha (again, this not to get prostitutes...) [DONE - I saw some Maiko dancing]
  • Visit the shrines at Nikko [DONE]
  • Enjoy hanami in the park at spring (by getting drunk, when in Rome...)[FAILED] - I slept through most of Sakura-Matsuri here
  • Get a PSP (Portable Playstation) - I'm actually thinking Nintendo DS is actually better. But oddly a GameCube is cheaper?? [DONE - PSP is international]
  • play some pachinko (I'm doubting this happening - its loud, noisy and incomprehensible)
  • watch some kabuki[], noh [], rakugo [I think DONE] and maybe bunraku [DONE]
  • try some natto [DONE]
  • try some whale (why, yes, I'm evil) [DONE - its like eating raw cow (but more evil, unless you're a Hindu)]
  • try some Pocky (I'm sure its candy) [DONE - its actually chocolate covered unsalted pretzel sticks]
    go ice skating[], I can't ski[] or snowboard [DONE - I can now], but I can skate (but I can't brake...)
  • see some monkeys [DONE], wild ones actually in the wild (and not catch rabies)[Nope]
  • experience kendo[Nope]
  • experience sumo (I could be fat, maybe...)[Nope]
  • go to the Aichi expo [FAILED]
PS - Japan's Underwater Pyramids


At Mon. May 02, 03:43:00 pm AEST, Anonymous Alex J said...

lol, I like how none of them are [DONE].

I take it you are teaching in Japan?

At Mon. May 02, 08:23:00 pm AEST, Blogger ZayZayEM said...

Things to do: update FAQ

I am not in Japan just yet, (a bit overa week to go now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

But, yes, when I get there, its eikaiwa teaching for me.


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