April 24, 2005

Archangel vs. Zombie Mess

Some more reviews.
This time from some Project Greenlight scripts.

I like eschatology (end-of-the-world) stuff. If you are too, you might to look at The Guardian's top 10 ways to go.
Archangel is an interesting tale which involves a NYC detective, named Mike, who may or may not be channeling the spirit of the archangel Michael, which isn't helping his sanity. These heavenly powers are needed to combat the forces of evil, which include members of US military iluminati and archaelogists digging up remains of a angelic skeleton in Iraq (helped handily by the GWB's invasion), as well as a world-wide cult ring that likes to capture kiddies and disembowel in the most artistic fashion on hallowed ground, and their evil ringleader who may be channeling Satan himself. Oh and Mike's wife is pregnant, which just makes things a bit more crazy. And there's a renegade priest carrying the Spear of Longinus. And a Satanic orgy or two. Good stuff!
It doesn't start quite so good on paper, but in film-format I can see the beginning moving a little more faster, and being more interesting in the hands of a good director/cinematographer. Its definitely one of the good ones in the bunch. And it gets bonus points because its likely to piss off La Haye and Jenkins.

Dead Harvest is a different matter entirely. I love zombie films, or probably more appropriately horror survival (this would include Tremors, or Eight Leged Freaks). A rag-tag bunch of heroes struggle against the odds to wait for the Police/Army/Health Dept/the sun show up, or to try an reach the exit/highway/next town over/out of the valley, while a bunch of zombies/aliens/giant bugs/worms/lawyers slowly pick them off one by one. Graphic Violence ensues. Excitement ensues. Hilarity ensues. Romance ensues. Tension ensues. Shock ensues. Sex ensues. At-the-very-least-something-interesting ensues. It has it all. Despite its zombies, mass marsupial expiration and black ooze of a very unexplained origin, this can't be classed as a zombie survival film -- for the simple fact, noone survives. This maybe just giving the story away, but teh writers here, in true indie fashion have thrown away all the rules, and just kill everyone. Whats worse is you think tehy are going to survive. They make you believe... you'll be reading it after reading this and going, ah ZZ is wrong, this guy can't die, look he's just met someone else they'll get out together, oh they just mistook each other for zombies and killed each other... now this might've been okay, but they don't do it in a funny manner. Zombie films also need something else, something political - this could be the dangers of using radioactivity (or just science in general), cost cuts to governmental alert agencies, interacial relations, or like Guitar Wolf:Wild Zero - that can still love a woman even if it's a man. Dead Harvest doesn't really have one, it might be about the despair of small town rural Australia out woop-woop way - with its high rates of suicide, lack of entertainment and domestic violence - but everyone dies... so there is no resolution, no solution, just death --- which might be the point. Sobering reality: "U R Fecked". But then what's a mut Down's Syndrome kid got to do with it (yes, he *dies* too - but remember its a zombie film so Noone Ever Really Dies --- maybe it is a happy story after all). I'm confused. And honestly, despite my love of Gore-tastic art in Evil Dead last week, just reading this story made me want to throw up its that disgustingly gorey, with bonus bile and diarhea, and some auto-cannibalism to make its special. If this gets made, I can't see it being popular with much of anyone, except maybe fundamentalist pastors looking for something to burn.

PS - Zombie Simulation does show Zombies=U.R.Fecked


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