April 21, 2005

Fern's Hideaway

Fern's hideaway is a great small-scale resort in byfield, around an hour + a bit from Yeppoon. It is nice, pretty and quiet. they have a restaraunt, swiming pool, spa, mini golf, cricket, a creek, canoes, tennis, camping, cabins and a few animals. We used to go there every month or more, but lately, less and less as obscurity has caused prices to go up. Its still great to go, great atmosphere, people and food is good too. I love it out there!

We went there last weekend to have a sort of celebratory get together lunch, because an aunt (great-aunt actually) in Ontario had sent us some money to spend on champagne for my me and my brother's graduation. Neither me or James drink wine, but we had a good time nevertheless.

canoes tied up by the creek

heading out

This plant looked really interesting. But it is hard to slow a canoe and get into the exact position you want to take a picture from.

This false fork in the creek the last few times has been followed by an almost impassably shallow area of rocks. It was very nice to have absolutely no problem going through there, thanks to recent rain.

Marto (the owner) is a bit of rocker at heart as can be seen by the wall in the restaraunt.

A mother pretty-faced wallaby, maybe you can see the joey in its pouch. Pretty-faced wallabies are very very shy, I had to take of my shoes, and cautiously creeep to get close to them.

This swamp wallaby however...

... came for a closer look

And when the feed came out, it didn't care at all. I even got to scratch its head a bit. I swear they were a bit shyer than usual. Maybe they have been tormented by recent visitors, or maybe I've just grown to big and smelly?

I had an awesome front close face shot of this wallaby, then just as I had it lined up and clicked my camera, it moved, so i have a nice blurry two-headed mutant swamp wallaby. If I buy a camera in Japan, I am defnitely getting a very fast shutter speed - the digital one I have at the moment must have a speed in the seconds range, between "click" and image actually coming out - I do like digital because it does mean that crap photos (and annoying realtives!) can be noticed and deleted

Misc. other photos: cart near parking lot, nice looking bottle, my feet, cabin, me, pioneer cabin (the best, its called "Pioneer" what more do you want?), and another of mother-wallaby

A sad thing to find out was that the local government has caused Fern's to close down their camping grounds near the creek, because the creek is used for Yeppoon's watersupply. Instead they have had to open up rather open (as opposed to really in the bush-style adventure isolated campspots) camping spots behind the restaraunt. What makes this worse is that their are state-run camping grounds throughout byfield, many just as close or closer to the waterpark creek, but apparently because local government regulations don't apply to the state government - they can still be used and polluted as much as those campers feel like it. It's not fair =(

PS - Birmingham Rhapsody


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