April 13, 2005

Titanic Fishstick who loves to Lick Kangaroos

thank you, WHAT YOU ARE

Another pathetic post, I've burned 6 or so CDs now. by my calculations Only 55 plus left to go: I decided against labelling Magic Dirt/Machine Gun Fellatio compilation "Magic Fellatio", gotta admit its catchy though. And I think my computer just decided to forget that the CD-RW drive exists - bad computer...

So lets go link-tastic on your asses:
  • Beware Leech! - (via Pharyngula) - I too think a leech in the eye is worse than a leech in the nose. Things all to often end up in your nose (or is that me) they should not end up in your eye.
  • More Proof Jerry Jenkins is a wanker - (also via Pharyngula) - The author of the Left Behind series of Christian apocalypse is getting upset at a NBC mini-series on a same subject, but its different content to his book - he dismisses the television show as nonsense with "based on some writer's imagination about [what the Bible says]". Holy eschatologists Batman, really Carpathia 216, Trib Force and the archangeal himself saving a helicopter or two of believers was explicitly deigned in John's political rants about the evil of Rome? Oh, hang on, see previous wanker statement.
  • Sakura Matsuri in Hitachi - soooooooo pretty
There are holes in our roof for the next few days, it had better not rain.



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