April 08, 2005

How not to convince the police you are not intoxicated

Its a case of only in America happening in Canada (which is funnily still part of the American landmass, so is Argentina)

Man tries to fool breathalyser with feces in the mouth
Canadian Press, Mar 2005

that is correct folks. this man tried to eat his own shit to try and fool a breathalyser ... after already pissing and crapping all over the back seat of a paddywagon ... I don't know exactly how drunk you have to be in order to think this is a good idea ... but I don't personally want to find out

Found another cool blog - Pharyngula - has some real-deal moron ass-kicking -- particular those who think ID actually makes sense (could you be any more of a moron?).

PS - BBC April Fool joke


At Tue. Jul. 19, 03:25:00 am AEST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

More feces in the news, that I found anyway here


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