April 03, 2005

Summer air reminds me of...

Winter is approaching. Although it is still sweltering hot during the day, its starting to get pretty chilly at night. Damn this wacky seasonal weather.
Look around,
Leaves are brown,

And the sky is a hazy shade of winter
-A Hazy shade of winter by Bodyjar
Had a longer look at that Infectious Awareables site, particularly fond of these designs:

Here's a tourist pamphlet shot of Kokaigahama (小貝浜) Beach - on the northern edge of the Hitachi region. Probably not great swimming - but bird watching and rocks for a-climbing. This picture was more scenic than the other more crowded beach picture. Ugh... crowded beach. At the most popular beach here, you complain bitterly if you cannot get a nice 4 meter wide corridor from the beach to the erosion line. Preferrably bigger. And expect natural shade from trees (which double as towel racks).



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