March 31, 2005

Rollercoaster Day yesterday

Yes. Up and Down.

Went to Rockhampton - clothes shopping, visa application and return library books and that sunburned japanese education tape on the agenda.

First I sleep in. Thus have time to get dressed, shave, and bundle together my documents quickly, and hop in the car - still take more time than my mum wanted. End up at her office, and not at my sister's house (whose car I was going to borrow). Double check documents - aaargh - photo is missing. Why do they need a photo anyway - they have my certificate of eligibility (photo), and my passport (photo) - and as far as I know I'm not being issued with any photo ID at this stage.
So I walk across to the shopping center to look at clothes and gimmicks - greeted by good news - Ed Harry's (nice, moderately priced decent male clothing) is having a half-price sale of all summer stock, and children's CDs are so much cheaper than normal CDs. I can get a double Hi-5 compilation - including lyrics and karaoke options - for $15 - Awexome.
Then I go and get some new photos, mother offers to buy me some shirts rather than lend me cash, and set offmerrily to post my visa application.
Then I suddenly get hit with paranoia that as I haven't yet confirmed/received my plane tickets - how am I supposed to prove my schedule. So I buy my courrier envelope and head back.
When I get there, I find that the Travel Agency has just called and tickets are ready to be picked. Just need to wait for sister (and car) to come down for lunch. Lunch then takes around 30 minutes to get served. Get tickets.
Send of Visa application - find original photo snucked inside passport.
Then we go and try to pick up mother's birtdhay present (some fancy photographs) - not ready yet - Easter has stuffed up photographer's timing.
Go back to sister's. Watch Shaun of the Dead (Awesomely funny). Get home. Blogger doesn't let me post. Additionally something the fuck happened to my proxy settings - I don't use them - but suddenly there were some - not good. Grr... too old for this shit.

(Sorry for poor formatting there)

PS - Turn left at the sarcophagus


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