March 24, 2005

I need to start wearing a shirt while frying things

The burns from the spring roll incident are still faintly visible. And today got plenty splattered with hot oil from an egg.

I also think I have destroyed my mother's kettle. After leaving it unattended on a hotplate and charring the bottom of it very badly, it seems to be slowly losing the very layers of protection around its base.

Well, mothers day is only a month and a bit a way...

From Bificurated Rivets (and also Daze in a Haze) comes I am a
Japanese School Teacher, with some bizzare (and true) adventurers of a guy in the JET program in Kyoto. This has reinforced my decision to stay away from anybody in Japan offering me Tako. Also makes me feel much better about deciding to do kids classes with Amity rather than the adult courses. Kids have hyperactivity - which makes them hell, but a loveable sort of hell. I'm not so sure how I would deal with hordes of young uns trying to sneak up and give me the "one-hundred years of pain" trick (Aussies - think the 'Hoppa' prank that became common when a certain footballer got famous for sticking his fingers somewhere they shouldn't be). I remember a "buddy" (little kid I was in charge of) at ERC who had a fascination with the hairs on my leg, and thought it would be cool to pull them out - that way it wouldn't be so hairy.

In a similar note (because I've been holding onto this link for ages - trying to find a good place to put it) --

It's like that episode of Seinfeld

This seriously needs to eb pulled on some people. Though I must admit I have used this phrase more than once before - I mean Seinfeld did have some good material. Due to its flexibility, you could probably pull this stunt of if you did it right.




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