March 20, 2005

Always the Perfect Gentleman

AAAAARGH Image hosting blues, hello is bitching with me big time
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couldn't upload this jazzy picture for tonights topic. So its with a different service, lets see if it worked (yay, I'll make it a tad smaller though)

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This is from the book 13 Secrets for Speaking Fluent Japanese by Giles Murray.

It is entitled the "perfect gentleman" and shows a sneering slick James Bond wannabe with a lopsided pornstar moustache. To top it off he's wearing a white jacket, and a cummerbund. Now, no matter how scarily easy it would be for me to pull this look off, I am calling on my raging harem of female readers to put my mind at rest by saying this isn't what they are seriously looking for, and this man would be on the top of their "mace in the face" list for the evening.

The "Captivating and Classy Young Lady" picture is also a bit 'mong' - with "long, delicate fingers like whitebait" - mmm fishy

More site cleaning and linking will go on over the next couple of days. Hopefully I'll be able to install polls (why, for the hell of it, thats why!), and some Google Ads (I seriously what to know marketing would be associated with my crap).

Some more Japanese goodies:

Miko Miko Nurse
(If you have epilepsy, I don't recommend watching this)

Japanese Only - looking out for anti-Gaijin-ism in Japan

The Japanese Conspiracy in Australia (WMV VIDEO FILE) - thanks to Michel at Sushi and Maple Syrup for finding this little ripper

The Kanji Game - Michigan States offers what i've been searching for, random Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji testing, plus it works in several directions

13 Secrets... is a great book, I'd be tempted to steal it from the library (they do have two copies...) but isntead I'll be satisfied with extending my loan until closer before I leave. I'm also considering the same for Action Japanese by Naoomi Kuratani. excellent step by step intro to speaking Japanese from landing at the airport to when you arrive at yor friend's house and start giving and getting gifts. Because of the assumptive nature of colloquial Japanese, verbs (other than imasu, arimasu and their forms) don't even come into it until lesson 18 (of 30). Excellent pace for the beginner.

PS - Don't like Japan, then why not learn HOW TO BE A RUSSIAN SPY IN LONDON



At Sun. Mar. 20, 10:16:00 pm AEST, Blogger ZayZayEM said...

Google Ads will have to wait.

Apparently you can't change country of your account (a bit silly).

At Mon. Mar. 21, 02:12:00 pm AEST, Blogger Briana said...

He's totally doing the hold.

And you KNOW what I'm talking about. You admitted to the tuck. Why can't you admit to the hold?



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