March 17, 2005

More Bad habits: Sniffing, Drinking, Yawning, Tattoos and Monkeys

I'm sorry to hear you are bored Hil.

And tell your friend she's a bi-atch. I'm hurt forever. Just like a KNIFE IN THE EYE (checkit: Soft Resting Accessory: only $18.99*)

And for you, and other people sitting bored in an isolated location that uses stupid network computers that don't have messenger (like schools, university, net-cafes etc.). You can now access it online, without any software to download. Check it here: WEBMESSENGER. If you use AIM, well, I hope you like hell.

Slow week in the world of science, or I just got pissed of with Awasu and didn't read the feed.

[Aaaargh, and some personal aggravation just left me with about 3 hrs between the above and below]

  • 'Sniffer spray' may cut airport delays: (I bet some junior editor is smirking about rhyming that) Anyway. Developments into a "spray on" and read detector mechanism for explosive residues (also known as heart medicine, fertilizer and insulation fibres) rather than the complicated swab and scan technique used now. Thats what we want - to speed airport security up, because they should be in such a rush! -n@n
  • Youth drinking may hasten heart trouble: While its still true that you golden oldies can turn back the clock with a bit of whisky, or a glass of wine a day; picking up a drinking habit early on in life actually worsens your heart, not strengthens it. And it looks like its not just typical teen binge drinking, its even the occasional drink once in 14 days causes artery damage. - n@n
  • Why is yawning contagious: People do it, chimps do it, cats do it, foxes do it, even sea lions do it - and when one does it, it doesn't take long for those nearby to follow. Why? Even just looking at the photos makes me sleepy. The Finnish government has nothing better to invest in but solve this age old question - with scientists coining the new term" mirror neuron system" to describe the cell network at play. - WORLD SCIENCE
  • Is tattoo ink safe? For the most part, yes, say chemistry students in Arizona. But there's still difficulties. Apparently MRI scans can irritate tattoo ink in the deeper levels of your skin. Regulation is the answer IMO, you need to know whats in all inks, and why. -n@n

Science news of the week: More news, and a bit less science - but MONKEYS! Can't be bad if it has monkeys!
Right to name new monkey species sells for $650,000
I think promotion was the major setback that meant this didn't reach what could have easily been a million. I didn't hear aything about this, and wouldn't've if not for random searching and surfing.
The top bidder, who is mysteriously anonymous (as long as it is not Micahel Jackson, I'm cool with it), beat Ellen De Generes in the charity auction. The funds raised will go to conserving Bolivian habitat in which the numerous types of titi monkey live. The new species, discovered last year, "is about a foot tall and has a brown body, a golden crown, orange cheeks and a white-tipped tail".
Cool Bananas.

PS - You left my heart as empty as a vacant lot

*wow, I think I need to tone down prices, maybe... OK forgive my lame advertising attempt anyway... [DONE -- see comments!]


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At Fri. Mar. 18, 12:59:00 am AEST, Blogger ZayZayEM said...


I've gone crazy - that soft resting accessory is now 16.99 (this on "low" markup now).

Help feed me.

I'd give you discounts, but Blogger's not letting me but them up =(

At Sat. Mar. 19, 01:14:00 pm AEST, Blogger Briana said...

I'll buy your shit if you send me the money to buy it :-D

At least you're getting to go somewhere! I haven't been anywhere! Pity me, Michael, Pity ME!!!!

At Sat. Mar. 19, 05:07:00 pm AEST, Blogger ZayZayEM said...

You can't afford my pity ;)

You do so go places. you were on a train just the other day...


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