March 08, 2005

Iraq: like a a fox

You heard me...

Tag-surfing out of boredom I find "Between Iraq and a hard place" (filed under ).

Now I thought, wow, thats an original pun. Noone could have used that before.

So I checked it using google: almost 20,000 hits.

So then I tried to see what other puns on the Iraq/Rock similarity I could come up with, and keep going till I got a googlewhack or a zilch:

A late thought: "Iraq Eisteddfod" finally yielded zero (though possibly not anymore).

Isn't it good to be spending one's stime constructively.


PS - MY FIRST YEAR ORIENTATION WAS NOTHING LIKE THIS - and despite what Acrix says, I'm still jealous



At Fri. Mar. 11, 12:07:00 am AEST, Blogger ZayZayEM said...

Why thank you peons for pointing out i had inadvertantly posted this up twice.

In my sleep another pun came to me that I though "no, it couldn't be".

Yet, sure enough "Iraqtopus" still yields hits, albeit just as the title of this piece of Photo-shop-art.


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