March 02, 2005

Green Light Red Light

Project GreenLight Australia announced on Mondaythe top 100 scripts that will take part in the debut competition. I managed to review two. And read a third. Oddly the one I didn't manage to review (Inner Demons [pdf]) was the one to get in, but I was going to give it a good review anyway (missed deadline by 20 minutes).

Althought the second script I was given, The Apologist was rather sad (not in a good way); the first script I read, Indonesian Gold, was truly inspiring. It had gold hunts, headhunters, an evil villainess geologist, love across cultures, war, political corruption, stock market fixing, globetrotting, secret offshore accounts and more, and all supposedly based on actual events.

Additionally, it was the only script of three that had an Australasian setting (even then it wasn't Australian). You can't help but feel that scriptwriters, even indie ones that should be attracted to this competition feel that if it isn't at least a little Hollywood, it isn't going to make it. Or that a bunch of Americanese came here, got residency permits, just to enter this competition maybe?

Inner Demons was a good script, you should read it (in case it doesn't make it to film) don't be fooled by the beginning that it might be a Fallen clone - it goes Voodoo.

So I guess I'll download some more of the scripts; Unorganised Crime, The Lying Bitch in the Wardrobe, Public Relations, Archangel, Dead Harvest, Physics and Chips, Men are Stupid|Women are Crazy, The Burning Porche, Kitchens Sink, Season of Voodoo, Side Effects May Occur, Vampires from Wagga, Karma and Coincidence, Venice Is Sinking, Way Out West - these titles look good to me.




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