February 22, 2005

Not another webcomic (Oh yes it is!!)

Curse you keenspace. (I'm sorry, I love you)

While looking at Ghastly's Ghastly Comic today, I saw an innocent link to comic which promised me Kengel, Chicken-Man and (OMG) Optimus Prime fighting evil. Damn you.

With all my games out, and not much else today, I thought what the hell (the alternative was ressurecting a Neopet).

I'm now happily sifting through the archives of Daze in a Haze.

Its very good. Similar Krakow 1.0 But more butch - like hunting (i.e. also gay from lack of women in cast) - also more anime, and geekiness, less Nazis.

Here are a few standout strips:
Also found a MessengerPlus! Beta that works for Messenger 7.0 Beta. Cool. Now only if everyone else gets it - NOW!!
(Thanks Kareem from Hi-5 for the link)

PS - Girl From Mars (just because I love the song)


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