February 19, 2005

Didn't take nearly as long as I thought

So here's some self-profiling.

Unashamedly stolen from here

[Wikilinks indicate likely no knowledge, but just wanted to check anyway]

1. Star Trek or Star Wars?
Star Wars. Even though I must confess Trek has a few mutant hotties.

2. Galaxy Quest or Spaceballs?
Spaceballs, classic.

3. Robert Jordan or Terry Brooks?
Terry Brooks. But only Magic Kingdom & Knight of the Word. Shannara bites on male-only appendage.

4. Harry Potter or His Dark Material?
I'm awful. The latter sounds dirty to me.

5. Shadowrun or Cyberpunk?

6. Neil Gaiman or Alan Moore?
Alan Moore. Wikipedia proves he has cooler hair.

7. Terry Pratchett or Douglas Adams?
Terry Pratchett.

8. Princess Bride or The Quest for the Holy Grail?
Princess Bride, no contest.

9. Neon Genesis Evangelion or Serial Experiments Lain?

10. George RR Martin or Steven Erikson?
George sounds less of a wank. Plus cool hair.

11. Slayers or Trigun?
I haven't seen either. Slayers, being medievil sounds cool. But I have seen Trigun in AMVs and it look cool too.

12. Card Captor Sakura or Sailor Moon?
Card Captor. Although Moon has lesbians, Sakura has more occult goodliness. (OMG* I admitted that I like Card Captors...)

13. Babylon 5 or Farscape?
Farscape. Bastion of employment for Australian actors galore.

14. Spirited Away or Princess Mononoke?
Spirited Away. Dreamy superfly.

15. Naruto or Hunter X Hunter?
Naruto. NARUTO. NARUTO!!!!! (NINJA!!!)

16. Akira or Ghost in the Shell?

17. Alien or Terminator?
Both originals pretty well sucked. Both sequels were brilliant. Terminator III bites ass. While Alien III & REssurection (as well as the plethora of books) kick serious ass. Xeno godliness all the way.

18. Blade Runner or Brazil?
Hmmm... I haven't seen Blade Runner yet. But Brazil just left me bewildered and confused.

19. Avalon or eXistenZ?
No clue...

20. Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Angel?
Buffy. Yum. (and willow, and lesbians... if only she was long haired willow at the time...)

21. Love Hina or Video Girl Ai?
I've only heard of love Hina.

22. Spike or Gerald Tarrant?

23. Blade or D?
Blade. Who needs plot. Just blood, guns and sharp pointy things.

24. Apple or Linux?
Apple. Linux requires just tooooo much effort to think about what your really really want.

25. Java or C?

26. Wolfenstein or Doom?
Wolfenstein. I remember this was da bomb in grade 1.

27. Escaflowne or Patlabor?

28. Pocky or Ramune?

29. XHTML or PHP?
xHTML. It has an X. It must be good. =P

30. Pixar or Dreamworks?

31. Ramen or Hot Pockets?

32. Jolt or Mountain Dew?
Mountain Dew. I don't think we have Jolt.

33. Red Hat or Mandrake?
Mandrake does sound cooler

34. Bit Torrent or IRC?
Bit Torrent. Safe piracy =P

35. DDR on soft or hard pad?
No idea.

36. MegaTokyo or 8 Bit Theater?

37. All Your base or Trogdor?
Oh man. Nothing can beat the awexome-ness of burnification. (AYB does come close)

38. Gravitation or Fake?
Murusakino neko mitokotga arimasuka...

39. Yoko Kanno or Kenji Kawai?
Don't trust anybody with the name Yoko.

40. Spiderman or X-Men?
X-Men. Wolverine, Gambit, Bishop...

41. Bram Stoker's Dracula or Interview with a Vampire, book or movie version?
Which Dracula movie? Dracula is the genesis of Nosferatu.

42. Xbox or Playstation2?
Playstaion. X-box controllers give me carpal tunnel.

43. Dune or Hyperion?

44. The Authority or Planetary?

45. Lucifer or Hellblazer?
All Hail Satan. Or is this talking about some obscure cult reference =P

46. Clive Barker or Tim Powers?
Tim Powers

47. Bruce Sterling or William Gibson?
Neuromancer is on my "Things to read" list. Wiliam Gibson.

48. Lord of the Rings or Conan?
LOTR may be crap. But it is not that crap. LOTR. Plus if we are talking movies this is hands down shit.

49. The Maker of Universes or The Nine Princes of Amber?
No clue.

50. Boba Fett or Han Solo?
Boba Fett.

51. D&D or White Wolf?
White Wolf.

52. Amber the Diceless RPG or Nobilis?
???. This makes up for knowing the difference between the last two.

53. Call of Kthulhu or Paranoia?
Cthuthlu. Cthulhu needs Taco.

54. GURPS or Rolemaster?
I know more about Steve Jackson. so GURPS

55. Weiss Kreuz or Saiyuki?
Knight Hunters even though its (apparently) gay.

56. Batman or Superman?
Superman could kick his ass. But thats because he's an alien. Batman was just a man, but he brooded to much. Go Superman and your Nazi-ideals.

57. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon or Once upon a time in China?
Crouching Tiger.

58. Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever or Earthsea?

59. Weis & Hickman or Salvatore?
No clue.

60. Dead or Alive or Soul Calibur?
DOA - it has volleyball.

61. Zelda or Final Fantasy?
Final fantasy

62. Ranma 1/2 or City Hunter?
City Hunter. Though I've only seen the Jackie Chan live-action. Classic.

63. ICQ or AIM?
I hate AIM. Words cannot express the level I hate AIM. so I guess ICQ.

64. Fruit Basket or Please Save my Earth?
No idea.

65. Anita Blake or Buffy Summers?
Anita Blake. Man. Buffy has nothing on this sex-goddess of the night.

66. Ender's Game or Use of Weapons?
Both soudn fascist to me.

67. Newtype or Animerica?

68. Honor Harrington or Miles Vorkosigan?

69. Full Metal Panic or Full Metal Alchemist?
Full Metal Alchemist. I might be persuaded by the original Panic, but Alchemist has the occult goodness I desire.

70. Greg Bear or David Brin?
David Brin

71. Ninja Scroll or Rurouni Kenshin?
Ninja Scroll!!

72. Brave New World or 1984?
... (I've read neither, you can stone the infidel)

73. Pern or Darkover?

74. Bleach or Shaman King?
Bleach. Because he's tied somehow to Naruto...

75. Transformers or Robotech?
Transformers - more than vegemite (I swearthat's what I used to think it was)

76. Excel Saga or Elf Princess Rane?
Elf Princess... porn? I have no clue.

77. The Martian Chronicles or Stranger in a Strange Land?
Hmmm. Martian Chronicles, I think. I just didn't like the last half of Stranger in a Strange Land.

78. Ninja or Pirates?

79. The Ring or The Sixth Sense?

80. Shounen or Shoujo?

81. The Twilight Zone or Doctor Who?
Doctor Who. Its educational. (somewhere...)

82. The Crow or Edward Scissorhands?
The Crow was twisted. But Scissorhands was charming and black. Edward Scissorhands.

83. Tanith Lee or Barbra Hambly?
Tanith Lee.

84. Luis Royo or Boris Vallejo?
Boris Vallejo.

85. Tokyo Babylon or Tokyo Godfathers?
Tokyo Babylon. It has vets.

86. Hellsing or Witch Hunter Robin?
Witch Hunter Robin.

87. The Avengers or Charlie's Angels?
:::shudder::: Do I have to chose? The Avengers.

88. Mercedes Lackey or Jennifer Robinson?
Mercedes Lackey.

89. Inu Yasha or Fushigi Yuugi?
Inu Yasha

90. Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat?
Mortal Kombat!!

91. Resident Evil or Silent Hill?

92. Dwarves or Elves?
Dwarves. No need to look cute when you are kicking ass.

93. Elric or Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser?
Elrifc is pure EVIL so naturally I'll pick him

94. Starship Troopers or Pitch Black?
Starship Troopers. Fascist commentary - brilliant.

95. Metal Gear or Splinter Cell?
Metal Gear

96. Age of Mythology or Warcraft III?
Warcraft. Age series is pathetic.

97. Everquest or Dark Age of Camelot?
Pay for an MMORPG?

98. The One or Twelve Monkeys?
The One. I've always wondered what it would have been like with the original casting - The Rock in the lead.

99. Cowboy Bebop or Gundam?
Gundam. If only for the Gundams.

100. Shining or 2001: A Space Odyssey?
Shining. 2001 just made no sense whatsoever. Plus Shining had cool lines.

*OMG I used OMG


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