February 13, 2005

Do I smell?

I remember reading somewhere that those Lynx deodorant/shower gel packs as a gift just screams "no thought". But actually I was planning on buying them to pack in my sponge bag, so I guess it saves that awkward thing at the counter when you buy such products. "yes I smell..." Damn my vanity.

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Damn The Friday Thing.
This flash digger game is absolutely addictive.

I'm also digging Blog shares, over 20,000% increase in wealth the past weekend. If only the real stock market was so easy.

Watched the last 20 of the Triple J Hottest 100 last night/this morning. Saw a cool clip for a song called "Yo Mama" (is on the top of my things to do list) by Butterfingers.
Other goodies:

...Aaaargh. the door to room keeps blowing open.

PS - All About Japan ... Brazillian


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