February 09, 2005


Heat + Rockhampton + mowing waist high grass out of kindness to sister (and monetary gain...) = very tired, sore and brain-not-so-clearish...

Little brainpower only usable to watch ABC's new Wednesday night line up (Music game show + Little Britain + Glasshouse).

Neither library nor bookstores in CQ were any help trying to get ESL books to examine. Even when explained as "Books for learning English". Even adult-learning books were hard to come by.

Instead I opted for upping my Japanese (I already know English, no?) getting three phrase books from the library:
and buying from Angus & Robertson:
  • Lonely Planet phrasebook (bargain at only $9.90) larger and morecomprehensive than $15 Collins version (downside = smaller typeface)
  • a little taste of... Japan (another bargain at only $25) not just good recipes; this has cultural explanations, history customs as well as nice photography to boot.

Now I need to sleep and I'll think about reading them some time after tomorrow.

PS - LYNCHBURG - There's some shit to see there...


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