February 03, 2005

A thoughtless update

Lost is premiering so here's a pathetic update I wrote during ad-breaks.

Its a load of cool and interesting things News@Nature have been sending me updates on :
  • Plastic brains help the blind place sounds Blind people turn parts of the brain normally used from visualisation to hearing, allowing them to pinpoint direction-of sound

  • Cells see the light with melanopsin Looking at how non-ocular and ocular cells sense light changes may lead to therapies for the blind

  • Gas-emitting plastic stops blood clots Artificial blood vessels could be designed with a nitric oxide which prevents clots, clot-formation (which can lead to strokes and other ischemic events) is a major problem with vascular surgery

  • Britain clamps down on animal activists' tactics New law doesn't affect peaceful activism, but shuts down over-active activists

  • Titanic life may bloom without water Lack of water on Saturn's moon, means that hydrocarbon ooze (oil) might be an alternative solvent of life

  • Monkeys pay for sexy pics No, its not monkey porn (I know, I'm disappointed as well) ... Monkeys here are willing to sacrifice fruit juice (monkey-cash) for some espionage on possible rivals and superiors in the ranks (pictures of their bottoms) - just like with humans, staring at the wrong monkeys ass in person (or simian) can get you in trouble.

So thats it for tonight. On comes The Amazing Race (I wish this would come down-under).

PS - But I'm so Cute... (Kia no Kawaii)


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