January 28, 2005

Castrated Mouse and Five Tortured Kittens

Torturing kittens seems to be the new thing for kids here on the East Coast. Not that its really a "new" pastime. Honestly its sickening enough to make you a hippie. 5 cats (4 dead, the other in need of putting down) were delivered in a sack to a charity bin. C'mon kids, people live in those...

In other news, I bought a castrated mouse. Meaning an optical mouse for my computer. The old one (with ball) was just giving me too much trouble yesterday to make web navigation feasible. Everyone knows eunuchs don't give you trouble (it also shines blue).

This face morphing tool is the gosh-darndest coolest thing I ever saw. It does wonders for the self esteem by showing, yes, you could look worse you utter freak.
any .. ........ ...... Shave
Damn, missed Bootleg this morning, and now I can't seem to download the next set of torrents for Naruto (ep 41-44) from Toriyamaworld. I need my Ninja goodness.

PS - Chimps, looking the other way


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