January 22, 2005

The weird shit people type - and the matter of scoring FREE! hits

Not 24 hours after using the keyword "porn" in my second post, a shameless bid to earn extra hits to a hatchling blog, I find this article (via Lindsay) explaining why my endeavor was a failure from the outset. I used the wrong words - PORN is but one of MAGIC words YOU can use to get FREE hits. I don't think associating it with tentacle and potato helped much at all either... that disaster aside I still can't find my blog on google. If you can please e-mail me. I'm desperate for the attention. And google needs to have more than me on Sparknotes, Wikipedia, a few random gaming & nature boards, and this NSFW oddity. (Also missing keyword MAGIC)

I've also decided until I get a job, I guess I can quite easily blog each day, or twice each day, or hell, every six hours if I wanted to. Which means I can fit in a lot more crap, and not try to be so intelligent.

I've also been reading random and not-so random blogs - mostly through looking at who shared interests with me - to get inspiration and see who to sign up with for listings. Here's a few select gems and mudholes:

*First I do have to mention Lindsay's Bificurated Rivets is about the only blog I officially stalk out an watch. And I have to admit I found it while looking for information on The Weatherwoman (it is slightly more intelligent than it sounds). He's a god of finding stuff which is funny, entertaining, informative, odd and simply fantastic.

*Truth = Trouble younger brother of a guy I went to school. His first post has him branded as a "freaking legend for your Public Domain talk" buy some guy called Baz. Personally I'm not that impressed.

*You find the best one-liners in blogs such as at Down By The Fence written by the lovely handle Cut my heart in half and discard the evidence who says "
To those of you who talk shit, keep it up and see what happens.Fucking hypocrites."

*Rivaling the above was "Kill me now!" if only my dog wasn't having sex.

*Then I got totally freaked out by this story. And I warn you, don't read it if you are a fan of Korean food.

*Saving the best 'till last was Acrix = Angel + Alcohol Addict ... we never got to see our guinea pigs before receiving their guts, I'm jealous. We did get to see our rats before taking out their kidneys and livers after injecting them with algal poison though, it wasn't all bad. On the side, Joe's nipples scare me.

PS - Save someone else's Seoul


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