January 18, 2005

Happy Birthday to me

Well, this is a beginning ... of something new.

There is quite a lot I kept trying to think about to write today in a special inaugural musing for this blog (amazing Blogger's spellcheck told me "blog" wasn't a word?), so special in fact, that noone is probably ever going to see it unless they actually decide to backtrack through my entirety of my posts, when, if, in a 8 months time I'm attracting say 10 visitors.

So wa-hoo & Bwahoar. and enjoy. Now I just need something to write about to amuse you.

There is the absolute awesomeness of Anarchy Online's free subscription campaign which I thoroughly recommend. If you can't download it, or find the torrent, e-mail me and I'll send you it.

There are the yams in my pantry which have actually grown foot-long stalks, due to the nifty installation of a light that would perhaps be better suited for hydroponics. I'm waiting for them to flower, or at least daylight and then I'll take photos.

There is of course my birthday, today I am Twenty, I scored a new business suit, new glasses, strawberry cheesecake and a sponge bag (oh yay!). And it was all underwritten by the *shock* revelation of Mark Latham's resignation.

There is my job in Japan that I somehow scored. It's really odd that in order to actually get a job of my own accord that has some security attatched to it I have to change hemispheres. I leave May 14th and it is basically the reason why I am creating this blog.

There are two other places I checked out first before deciding this was better. Both were ditched for different censorship issues.

There is the fact I am not creating a webcomic instead.

There is the reinvigoration of general web-interest by restarting Sparking, and finding everything has changed. It sure looks cool, but how do I get to where I want to go.

There is the pretty cool launch of Project Greenlight Australia earlier this month (actually end of December). If you are an aspiring Australian writer: try your luck. And if you can't write, read and review. If they are all like the one I scored to read, its better than anything on in the cinema at the moment.

There is the trouble of trying to work out how to get a damned counter to work on this site.

And there is the torn efforts of commercialism that is likely to force me in a bid to get some sort of personal cash flow in this fading time of employment, by selling out advertising space to google. Its less effort than designing and pricing with cafepress.

Instead of heavily dwelling on any of those I'm just gonna mention them all and leave it at that. Maybe I might put effort in next time. And maybe I'll introduce myself... Whatever.




At Wed. Jan. 19, 03:03:00 pm AEST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's not rainbow, but I wanted to be the first to reply. :P

At Wed. Jan. 19, 03:10:00 pm AEST, Blogger brainhell said...

Steal the chicken instead.


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