January 22, 2005

Hunky Munkys Getting Funky and the Everpresent Fatal Error of Doom

Before somebody gets "all up in my face" about my rhyme -- I am aware gorillas are apes, a sifferent clade of primates separated from monkeys (or munkys for that matter).

The sweet story of Lisa the gorilla and her new toyboy Makoko in my local paper today was cheery enough for me to want to share it. I didn't quite realise gorillas had such quite long life spans, 33 seems pretty old for a gorilla. My paper had only the top part of this story, so I didn't realise her previous mate had been (non-fatally) wounded by some crazed German gunman. Thanks, depressing.

My computer has been so shit lately. I have been having to start Anarchy Online twice to get it working, this morning three times and I got in. I tried it four times this evening, and still no banana. So I chceked Soph-Os, Ad-aware, Defrag, DskChk and Cleanup and all seemed rosy. So I thought I should just reset. Press the "turn off computer" button (XP) and ka-pow I'm smacked with a "Serious Error" Blue Screen of Death - System Dump of Memory. Fuck you too. Restarted with no hiccups, so I don't think I'll turn of my computer again 'til April.

Another thing that is niggling at me: RSS feeds. How do these work. I'm trying to negotiate Technorati, and all I've discovered is the only Michael Zimmer worth reading about is my ninja of an uncle. If someone wants to explain (or link to an explanation) how exactly I "subscibe" to RSS: e-mail or comment below (that way other people can learn too). I use Mozilla Firefox (recent convert - so should you!) on Windows XP.

Still can't find this site with google yet. Damn you internet!!!



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