January 26, 2005


I'm in the kitchen about to set the table for my mother's dinner party and I see a window is open letting in the rain. "Someone is going slip on that". 5 minutes later I'm on the floor writhing in agony because I managed not only to slip, but catapult myself over a bench (slamming my ribs hard), and skid to stop four or so feet away. Nobody closed the window.

At the sugestion of possibly, maybe taking me to the hospital just to be on the safe side, "It would be kind of inconvinient", ah, the love of a mother.

I'm pretty sure its only bruising and a bit of skin lost (somehow my right bicep and ankle also managed to get slightly skinned).

This incident also brought to light the alarming lack of first aid supplies we have at home. I have definitely got to make sure I have a decent First Aid pack set up. Bandages and antiseptic are kind of minimum requirements.

PS - (Late) Johnny Carson on Democracy


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