January 25, 2005

You funny guys at SBS programming, you...

Now SBS could get away with a slogan like "fair and balanced".

Last week they showed the documentary, 9/11 Didn't Happen, a blatant propoganda piece dispelling the conspiracy theories about the events of the 11th of September 2001.

This week they just showed the documentary, Conspiracy Theory: 9/11, a look at the conspiracy theories about 9/11 and how there is definitely something fishy and questionable about the US governmental actions.

Now which one do you think was more more crap. Conspiracy Theory, of course, did bow down to governmental policing by declaring definitely that "we have contacted airplane authorities and they concur with the government's official line" and other stuff. And they seem to place a lot of emphasis on non sequitor bin Laden links, like the Carlyle group and Osama's brother in law. They off course had documentary's most loved ex-CIA man Robert Bauer too.

My personal favourite 9/11 doco has been the one where a guy just meets up with the bin Laden's. There cousins, brother's in law thrice removed, old roomates from college etc. It's interesting and an eye-opener into what sort of caused the monster that is Osama bin Laden to come into being (as well as the real guy).

PS - Some Interactive Goodness - Have some fun - comment what you think the world should think...

AM - Sorry this post is lacking in links you try typing keywords like "bin Laden" "Conspiracy Theory" and "9/11" into a search engine. That's why you get a pretty picture.


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