January 26, 2005

Teaching kids the importance of drugs and breaking the law

Bootleg is showing once more on the ABC.

Its a kids adventure mini-series which shows the importance of breaking the law and starting your own clandestine operation when something you like suddenly becomes illegal. Just beautiful.

I'm noticing that a lot in kids' shows these days, all these anti-fascist undertones. Its seems to be the new pro-environmentalism (remember the Planeteers?).

Its Australia Day. And its pouring rain. I doubt there will be fireworks. Just don't eat lamb.

Oh yeah, my mouse (computer mouse - I had a confusing mix-up earlier) is acting spastically. I think the middle button/wheel is broken. Its making very hard to use applications as it decides to scroll up and down with its own free will.

PS - Everything I ever told you is a lie. Including that.


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