February 01, 2005

Sleeping in an Airport and keeping both your shoes

Forgot to do whipper-snipping today.

I did remember to try an sort out flights.

Only ONE flight appears to fit my schedule. And then, only just.

It is with Singapore Airlines.

I'll leave Brisbane at 10:45am on the Friday, arrive in Singapore at 4:40pm same day. Then wait a few hours and leave for Osaka at 8:10pm arriving 6:45am on the Saturday. This leaves me with around 10-11.5 hours to sit around waiting for the company welcome at 6pm.

I'm thinking this means at least I'll be covered if any delays occur, and I could try an inflict my crap-ass Japanese on bored waiting people at the airport - well, maybe not, but don't they have a lot of helpful information-desk & tour type people employed in Japan?

Harvey World Travel in Yeppoon has been most helpful with this.

Flight Centre has been most unhelpful online and on-the-phone. Three times I called back to get "oh we will call you back", not only did they not call back, but they found it hard to acknowedge that such an event could take place.

That said I think we will be booking through Flight Centre, because Mum says "the young man there has been most friendly when I've wanted help".

Just spent a few hours elabelling some of the items I have for sale. Particularly like the Soft Resting Accessory and "Get Well Soon" Card.
Can't quite work out how to get a stat-counter in the store (I think I need to pay to get HTML rights)



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