January 31, 2005

But its so hot...

Today went out driving with Dad to Waterpark Creek - which additionally to being Yeppoon's watersource, is a nice place for a swim and jumping-out-of-trees - which should have swelled quite a bit since we had a lot of rain the last couple of days. Lately its been kind of dry (with the drought and all...), so it was good to see the small barrage at the campsite/day area was overflowing. It wasn't over the road, but it was still pretty strong.

It was also bubbling foam all over the place. It was kind of gross. But i don't think it was pollution, I think that plant oils and other natural crap has just been accumulating a lot due to the lack of flow in the creek, and after all of a sudden being stirred up from the rain-surge has produced great mounds of foam. I should've brought my camera.

Getting cool outwayed the fear of freakish foam giving me infection. Foam didn't seem to put anyone else off, the marked swimming sites were pretty full. Its soooo hot. I hear its very cold in America/Nth Hemisphere, you poor freaking bastards. Awww, snow.

Last night I was kept awake by some stupid freaking dogs that wouldn't shut up somewhere down the street. They started at one, stopped for about 10 minutes, and then went on for the next half hour, stopped, started, stopped, started and so on, until around 3am. Not fun. I tried closing the windows to block out the sound, that just made it hotter. Its not much better being unable to sleep comfortably on my right chest yet, and my bed being the most uncomfortable hand-me-down mattress in the world. Must get to sleep before 12pm tonight.

PS - How to tell if your prostitute is an alien
I'm sure we'll all sleep better for it


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