February 03, 2005

I think I'm turning Japanese

(I really think so...)

So now that its February, I'm making attempts at re-learning and learning Japanese.

This started with with an abysmal attempt at freehand recollection of hiragana and katakana last night. Followed up by an only slightly more impressive go tonight. I managed all hiragana (though "So" gave me trouble), but katakana was probably just as bad as the night before. This is perplexing, I used to rule at katakana, and it were one's I know off by heart like "ta", "chi", "ku", "ke" and the h and r series - its difficult because I'll probably be doing more reading than writing but I have yet to find a "random tester" or somesort on the internet.

On the internet (and in my book) I've found that Japanese speak like me: I often end up annoying my mother by answering negative questions directly.
"You don't want dessert"
"Yes" (I don't won't dessert)
"You do want dessert"
"No, Yes I don't want dessert"
"Make sense and stop frustrating me"

Jordi also helps "gaijin" out by letting them further learn the art of yes and no in Japan. I'm at times egotistical (Why thank you, it is a nice tie, I picked it myself) and at times bluntly rude (Not interested.) with English, so I am going to have to work at removing that with Japanese.

Other things to add to vocab:
  • counting things
  • colours (akai, midori, kuroi, shiroi, aoi, murusaki, kiiroi)
  • Days-of-the-Week - I know Sat, Sun and Mon (Do-yo-bi, Nichiyo-bi, Getsuyo-bi --- how do I phonetic characters o with a - over the top?)
  • places (toshokan, eigo, kouen, bi-chi)
  • Transport (shinkansen, densha, kuruma, basu)
I'm going to try an pay attention to what sort of words/memes I commonly use in English and add them too.

In other news: Ellen is now in Italy. Maybe she'll get to go to the Pope's funeral, I heard he collapsed again.

PS - A story with a face For those Bastards who celebrated the death of Swedes in Tsunami


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