February 07, 2005

What Faculty You With, Punk?

The legends at CQU student central database have done wonders again.

I received this on Friday:

Dear Graduand

I am very pleased to invite you and your guests to the Faculty of Business and Law's forthcoming Graduation Dinner and Awards Presentation, to celebrate your acheivement in graduating from one of our programs.

The 3-course dinner will be held on Saturday, 26 February 2005, at the Mecure Inn Leichardt, Rockhampton, on the same day as your graduation. Details are attached for your information.

I strongly encourage you to attend, and look forward to meeting you at the dinner, which staff from the Faculty will be present.

Yours faithfully
[Someone's signature and name]
Dean, Faculty of Business and Law
CQu, Rockhampton, QLD etc.
I don't even understand how this occured. I've completed a Bachelor of Biomedical Science with the Faculty of Arts Health and Science. Yes, my classes have gone outside the faculty, but only the the Faculty of Informatics and Communication. My brother has only been within the Faculty of Eduaction and Creative Arts. So I don't even know why Business and Law should have in me in their files.

I e-mailed a fellow classmate today, and got told he hadn't been sent one, so I guess it means I need to check this out. I don't particular want graduation screwed up.

Watched From Hell today, brilliant from all aspects. Also watched the premier of Shameless on Aus. TV, also brilliant from all aspects.

Think I've finally come up with an AO character I'm happy with. Piercing/2H-edge strat + Challenger and Damage Shield nanos. I'm still narked about missing out on the Subway boss because of an inconsiderate train bringing 10 hostiles my way while I was on 20HP.

PS - Pepper and God


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