February 04, 2005

Working stiff

Apparently for a Technorati search for "Jobs in Science" almost all links are for Pop Scinece's Worst Jobs in Science. Some are pretty gross, and I'll bet I'll be doing at least one of those jobs before my time is up. I'm actually keen to work in a biohazard suit team.

I've signed up for Japan Today updates, but given that they come twice a day, with no customisation, I'll probably drop them. Or give them the same amount of consideration as my nightly NYTimes.com updates (DELETED).

Been sifting through Bifurcated Rivets for Japanese language assistance links. I think I found the ones I was after. Also gross and huh?
and cool.
Also at Japan Today is JapanToday's Friend Finder service (not Firefox 1.0 compatible), I'm trying to fill out a registration info right now, very confusing Engrish presenting...

Firstly there are cultural differences
  • I can select who I want to meet based on everything - skin tone, build, blood type
Then there are just oddities
  • I am looking for... Language Exchange, Pen Pal, Sex, Romance, Marriage or "Activity Partner", I'm sure Activity Partner is what I am looking for (people to hang/talk with) - but I can't help but feel it sounds dirty (there is something wrong with me I know)
  • When I put down the trait "funny", "intelligent" disappeared from the list (true!), I guess I can't be a smart and witty (and pretentious - see next) gaijin
  • You are asked to select your level of "Vanity" as a habit (with smoking, drinking and drug usage) - I'm guessing its beauty parlour, massage, hair gel, and mirror time
  • See above "drug usage" - of course I want to find somebody drugged off their skulls...
Okay that was all , but its still a bit weird. Given the reaction on Japan Today to Foreign ESLs (eikanawas) in Japan - I'm a bit apprehensive about whether to list occcupation as "English Teacher". I'm going to at first and see if a big change in reaction occurs if I list "health/medical" instead.

In other news I'm listed on BlogShares and someone else actually found my website using Google. (Someone [or a program] also seems to be after my site for my mentin of Maddox earlier this week)

PS - Origami Insects


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