February 12, 2005

W00t to Coastal Development

While the proposed multi-story complex near the Mill Gallery is more than 80% sure to be knocked back so that some money grubbing granny won't lose in her property investment (blame a letter-to-the-editor I read); The Strand's awesome development has got the okies.

The Strand is the main bar/pub in Yeppoon. Its as beachfront as you can be, has a restaurant/cafe/pizzeria/beer garden attachment with a bar (Sunday nights is a parrilla), second bar inside for proper pub atmospher, and a third interior bar with a small disco dancefloor & pool-playing area. Plus your usual pub's upstairs accomodation.

The new development adds a few stories, allowing shops, a genuine restaraunt, al fresco dining, a gym, a twin cinema. indoor sports arena, luxury apartments, holiday accomodation, and extra comemrcial and entertainment space...
$38 million dollars adn 18 months later we'll see how it turn out. It means I can count on at least one part of Yeppoon changing majorly while I'm away.



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